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Entrance doors / TEHNI Pivot

The stunning doors !!! TEHNI Pivot doors. The impressive doors, without hinges.

The operation is based on an axial pivot point and that makes it ideal for big dimension doors. impactful and beautiful design options, amazing strength, powerful hardware, massive panels, open with ease, all combine to make TEHNI pivot door the number one choice for entry doors.

MINIMUM Height  2200 mm  MAXIMUM 3000 mm
MINIMUM Width   1400 mm  MAXIMUM 2000 mm


-Frame profile width: 113 mm
-Sash profile width: 113 mm
-Aluminium sheet thickness: 3 mm
-Special anti-distortion glass reinforced polyamides, 34mm, with XPS core
-Continuous central gasket
- Standard 5-point lock
- Pivot mechanism with adjustable pins
-Co-planarity between frame and sash
-Integrated recessed external handle


- Heat transfer coefficient - Ud=1,50 W/m2K

Excellent sealing, with the use of specially designed EPDM rubber gaskets with continuous central gasket at the door's sash offers a high level air tightness, waterproofing  and insulation.

TEHNI Pivot doors, use special anti-distortion polyamides that provide thermal break to the system, in combination with the XPS core achieve optimal thermal insulation.
Additionally, the polyamides  minimize the operational problems and accommodate the deflection of the door due to the temperature difference between inside and outside.

Low threshold that provides easy access, suitable for people with disabilities. Optionally installation over or flush with the floor.

Standard automatic 5-point lock. More lock options for higher security with 17 points lock. Fingerprint or Keyboard electronic locks available.

Available with LED lighting, for an impressive night appearance. Special LED lights in the
sash profile.

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